There are a number of reasons why a building inspection is important.  This video created by TOOP TV addresses the importance of your building inspection.  In this clip, Peter of Adelaide Building Inspections (ABI) gives you some great insight into the importance of your home building inspection.

Why Get A Building Inspection

Why Get a Building Inspection from ABI Building Inspections?

  • Reliable
  • 24 hour service
  • Inspecting homes and buildings since 1981
  • Over 20 years construction experience
  • We know what to look for
  • Honesty and integrity are hallmarks of ABI Building Inspections

ABI - Adelaide Building Inspections since 1981

If a house has been patched up to be put on the market and you discover things need doing, a building inspection prior to your offer could give you negotiation leverage.
Peter Privopoulos- Company CEO


ABI Building Inspections

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